Flick Technologies to Donate Smart Projectors to 50 Deprived Schools in Ghana

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In a bid to enhance information technology education in remote areas of Ghana, Flick Technologies, the producers of Flick Smart Projectors, announced plans to donate hundreds of projectors worth over 300,000 Ghana cedis to 50 deprived schools. CEO Barimah Amoaning Samuel revealed this partnership with the Ministry of Education during a discussion with tech creator Emmanuel Obuobi Fianko (Delppy). Barimah Amoaning Samuel, CEO and founder of Flick Technologies, expressed the brand’s commitment to improving the state of information technology education among deprived children.

The initiative aims to bridge the digital divide and provide students in underserved communities with access to modern educational resources. The selection of beneficiary schools will prioritize those with the most urgent need for technological infrastructure. Samuel emphasized the importance of leveraging technology to enhance learning outcomes and prepare students for the digital age.

Flick Smart Projectors offer advanced features such as HD and 4K resolution, wireless connectivity, and portability, making them ideal for educational purposes. With these projectors, schools can transform any space into a multimedia learning environment, enabling interactive lessons and engaging presentations.

The collaboration between Flick Technologies and the Ministry of Education underscores the importance of public-private partnerships in advancing education and empowering communities. By leveraging technology for social good, the initiative aims to create lasting impact and unlock opportunities for the next generation of learners.

As Flick Technologies continues its mission to democratize access to education technology, the donation of Smart Projectors to 50 deprived schools marks a significant step towards achieving this goal. With the support of partners like the Ministry of Education and dedicated individuals like Barimah Amoaning Samuel, Flick remains committed to driving positive change and empowering communities through innovation.